Members Infomation NWGFC Constitution

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1. The name of the Club is 



(a) Definitions: 


Act means the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (as amended) 

Special Resolution means a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the members of the Club who are entitled under the constitution to vote in person at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a Special Resolution has been given in accordance with the constitution 

2. The objects of the Club are:- 


(a) To establish maintain and conduct a Club to participate in and advance the sport of Salt Water Game Fish Angling. 


(b) To scientifically study game and commercial fishing methods and to investigate and report on fishing resources. 


(c) To provide meteorological reports of the conditions in the area in which the clubhouse is situated. 


(d) to provide the Museum of Western Australia with specimens and objects for the purpose of research and display. 


(e) To affiliate with the Western Australia Game Fishing Association and to capture fish in accordance with the rules of the Game Fishing Association of Australia. 


(f) To keep and maintain records of Fish Captures and submit to the proper authorities on behalf of members’ claims for the record Fish Captures. 


(g) To promote social intercourse between members of the Club and their guests and to provide accommodation with all the privileges and advantages of a club for the purposes aforesaid upon premises of which the Club is a bona fide occupier and not for the purpose of making profits divisible amongst the members or any of them or in support of any object other than the accommodation of the members and their guests. 


(h) To provide boats and other facilities used for and connected with the sport of Salt Water Game Fishing. 


(i) To affiliate with any other kindred sporting associations. 




(a) The Club shall have the following powers: 


i To purchase, take on, lease, exchange hire or otherwise acquire and maintain any real or personal property, rights or privileges in relation thereto. 

ii To erect improve repair pull down and rebuild buildings and other structures. 

iii To sell exchange lease mortgage hire dispose of turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the real and personal property of the Club. 

iv To borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as the Club thinks fit with power to issue debentures grant mortgages charges or any other class of security upon charging all or any of the property real or personal (both present and future) of the Club and to redeem or pay if any existing or future security. 

v To invest and deal with the moneys of the Club not immediately required for the purposes of the Club in such manner as may from time to time be determined. 

vi To amalgamate co-operate affiliate and enter into reciprocal arrangements with any other club having objects wholly or in part similar to those of the Club. 

vii To appoint employ or pay officers and servants and to dismiss or suspend any officer or servant. 

viii To do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of its objects. 

(b) The income and property of the Club shall be applied solely to the promotion of its objects and no part thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend bonus or otherwise by way of pecuniary profit to the members provided that remuneration may be paid in good faith to officers of the Club or other persons in return for services actually rendered to the Club. 


(c) Powers of Committee 


i The business and affaires of the Club shall be under the management of the Committee who may pay all expenses incurred in promoting and registering the Club. 2 


ii Without prejudice to the powers conferred by the last regulation the Committee shall have power to do any one or more of the following acts:- 

iii To purchase take or lease any land or building or part thereof or any other real or personal property for the purpose of the Club upon such terms as they may think fit. 

iv To borrow for all or any of the purposes of the Club on mortgage debenture or otherwise. 

v To purchase or otherwise acquire any books newspapers or periodicals and dispose of them as they think fit. 

vi To determine from time to time the conditions on which and times when members may use the property of the Club or any part or parts thereof and the manner times and conditions how and when and under which the premises of the Club or any part or parts thereof shall be used by the members of any of them. 

vii To appoint for fixed periods or otherwise as they shall deem advisable and from time to time remove such servants and assistants as may in the opinion of the Committee be necessary and to pay such servants or assistants as the Committee may deem fit. 

viii To make and from time to time alter or repeal by-laws for the regulation of game fishing, weighing, certifying catches, the use of Club premises facilities and equipment, the use of Club boats and for the better carrying out the rules and objects of the Club. Provided always that by-laws made by the Committee shall lapse if not confirmed by the next succeeding Annual General Meeting of the Club. 

ix To delegate (subject to such conditions as they may think fit) any of their powers to sub-committees consisting of such members of the Committee as they think fit and to make such regulations as to the proceedings of such sub-committee as may be thought desirable PROVIDED that no act of any such sub-committee shall be binding upon the Committee or Club until ratified by the Committee. 

x To regulate and control their own meetings and the transaction of business thereat. 

xi To pay to any servant of the Club any gratuity for faithful and diligent service as to them seems fit. 

xii The Committee shall have the power to elect by ballot all Ordinary, Associate, Junior, Temporary and Special Members and if they shall see fit to return any portion of any subscription for any unexpired time for which same shall have been paid also to suspend or expel any member and to do any other business not required to be done at a General Meeting. 

xiii To register the Club under “The Act” 

xiv The Committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy in their body. 

xv It shall be the duty of the Committee to manage and conduct the Club and to see that all rules and by-laws are carried out. 

xvi The Committee shall hold meetings at least once in every three calendar months. The quorum necessary for the transaction of business shall be five. Questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes and in the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. Minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of such Committee shall be entered by the Secretary of the Club in a book to be provided for that purpose. 

xvii Two members of the Committee may at any time summon a meeting of the Committee. 

xviii The Committee shall cause the true accounts to be kept:- 

(1) Of the Stock-in-trade of the Club 

(2) Of the sums of money received and expended by the Club and the matters in respect of which such receipts and expenditure take place, and 

(3) Of the assets and liabilities of the Club 


xix The accounts shall be closed on the last day of December in each year and a balance sheet containing a summary of the property and liabilities of the Club on that date shall forthwith be made out. 

xx A copy of the balance sheet shall be posted to members 14 days prior to each annual general meeting. 


(a) The Club shall consist of Honorary Life Members, Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Junior Members, Temporary Members and Special Members. 


(b) Every candidate for admission as a member shall make written application on the Club’s application form, be proposed by one Member and seconded by another Member, both of whom shall vouch from their personal knowledge for the respectability and fitness of the candidate. The nomination form shall contain the candidate’s full name, address, occupation and any such other particulars as the Committee may require. 




(c) Every application for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary accompanied by Entrance and Annual subscription fees and shall be considered by the Committee at its next meeting after receipt of the nomination. 


(d) Subject to acceptance of a new member his or her membership shall commence as from date of receipt by Honorary Secretary of his or her application for membership. All subscriptions received from new members accepted on or after November 1st in any financial year shall be deemed to be paid to December 31st of the ensuing year. 


(e) Election of members shall be by open ballot and simple majority of members present at a properly constituted meeting of the Committee. 


(f) The Committee shall have the right to refuse any application for membership and it shall not be required to give any reason for so doing. 


(g) Upon election of any member his or her name, address and description shall be entered by the Honorary Secretary on a register of members to be kept for that purpose. The new member shall be provided with a copy of the Constitution and by-laws of the Club, also G.F.F.A. Rule Book and shall become entitled to the full privileges of their respective membership. 


(h) Any Life Member or Ordinary Member if he or she desires may submit the name of any member to the Committee, who may on consideration of the requirements, make a recommendation to an Annual General Meeting to receive by vote of simple majority the honor of Honorary Life Membership for that member. A minimum requirement for such honor shall be that the member has rendered outstanding service to this Club and to the sport of Game Fish Angling for a minimum of ten years. No more than one submission may be made at an Annual General Meeting in any one year. The maximum number of Honorary Life Members to be no more than five at any one time. 


(i) Any member may forthwith resign his or her membership by giving to the Secretary notice in writing to that effect, not less than one calendar month prior to the 1st November of any year. In default of such notice member concerned shall be liable for payment of fees for the following year. 


(j) The rights and privileges of every member shall be personal to himself or herself and they shall not be in any manner transferable by his or her own act or through any other person on his or her behalf, or by operation of law and on any member ceasing by death or otherwise to be a member all his or her interest and share shall survive accrue and belong to other members for the time being. 


(k) The Committee may from time to time limit the number of members the Club is to have and in the event of applications for membership exceeding the limit so determined the Committee shall establish a waiting list. Provided that all persons members at the date of the adoption of these rules shall be entitled to membership subject to these rules and provided that the Club shall at all times have at least twenty-five members. 


(l) Any member whose actions are considered by the Committee as likely to bring discredit to the Club, the sport of Game Fish Angling or the members of the Club, after he or she has had the opportunity of being heard by the Committee in his or her defense may be expelled by the Committee from the Club, and he or she shall forthwith be notified. 


(m) Any member who has been expelled by the Committee shall have the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting called for that purpose within 30 days. 


(n) No member or any person or Corporation purporting to act through a member shall be entitled to take legal action (other than a claim for goods sold or delivered or services rendered) against the Club for any reason whatsoever. 




(a) AN HONORARY LIFE MEMBER shall be conferred by General Meeting in terms of (4h) of this Constitution. 


(b) AN ORDINARY MEMBER shall be male or female of 16 years and over. 


(c) ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall be male or female persons who are spouses of ordinary members and who are duly elected by the Committee. Such Associate Members shall not have the right to attend or vote at any meeting of the Club nor the right to propose a new member of any type. Associate Members are eligible for Club Competition and to win Club Trophies. 


(d) JUNIOR MEMBERS shall be under the age of 16 at the time of joining. Junior members shall not have the right to attend or vote at any meeting of the Club nor have the right to propose any new members of the Club. 


(e) SPECIAL MEMBERS are such person or persons who render extra-ordinary services to the Club. The Committee may elect special members for any period with or without limitation. At least 7 days written notice shall be sent to each member of the Committee prior to any person being elected as a special member. Special members elected under this rule shall not be required to pay any subscription. Special Members shall not be entitled to vote or to be present at any meeting of the members of the Club nor be entitled to hold any office in the Club nor have any right title or interest in or to the property of the Club nor propose or second any candidate for admission as a member or an honorary member. Special members shall be afforded all the privileges enjoyed by members. 




(f) TEMPORARY MEMBERS shall be entitled to the facilities of the Club and shall be afforded all the privileges and rights as enjoyed by ordinary members. Temporary members will not be required to pay nomination fees. Temporary members will be elected by President and Vice-President. Temporary Membership shall not be entitled to vote or to be present at any meeting of the members of the Club nor be entitled to hold any office in the Club nor have any right title or interest in or to the property of the Club nor propose or second any candidate for admission as a member. Temporary members shall be afforded all the privileges enjoyed by members. 





i The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th April. 

ii Any member may on giving to the Secretary not less than seven days’ written notice together with a copy of the proposed resolution submit any resolution to a General Meeting. 

iii The Secretary shall, whenever require by the Committee or by a requisition made in writing by not less than twenty percent of the members of the Club convene a Special Meeting. Any requisition made by members shall express the object of the meeting proposed to be called and on receipt thereof the Secretary shall forthwith convene a special meeting. If he does not convene a special meeting to be held not less than seven days nor more than fourteen days from the date time of the requisitions or any of them may convene such a meeting. 

iv Fourteen days notice at least of every General Meeting specifying the time and place of the meeting and nature of the business shall be given to the members. 

v All business shall be deemed special that is transacted at an Annual General Meeting with the exception of the consideration of the accounts balance sheets and report of the Committee and the election of officers. 

vi At all meetings of the Club fifteen percent of the members shall form a quorum. 

vii If within half an hour from the time appointed for a special General Meeting a quorum of members is not present the meeting if convened upon the requisition of members shall be dissolved but in any other case it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week at the same time and place and if at such adjourned meeting a quorum of members be not present the members present shall be a quorum and may transact the business for which the meeting was called. 

viii The President of the Committee or in his absence a Vice President or in the absence of a Vice President some member of the Committee shall preside at every meeting of the Club. If within ten minutes after the appointed time of the meeting none of the persons aforesaid are present the meeting may elect its own Chairman. 

ix At any General Meeting unless a poll is demanded by at least five members a declaration by the Chairman that a resolution has been carried or carried by a particular majority or lost and an entry to that effect in the minute book of the Club shall be sufficient evidence of the number or proportion of the votes in favor or against such resolution. 

x Every financial Ordinary Member and Life Member shall be entitled to one vote. 

xi No member shall be considered financial who has not paid all dues payable by him. 

xii The following shall be the order of business at all Annual General Meetings:- 

(1) Confirmation of minutes of last Annual General Meeting and of any Special General Meeting held since the preceding Annual Meeting 

(2) Receiving and discussing the annual accounts and reports to the Committee 

(3) The election of Officers and Committee and the determination of any matter appearing on the notice convening the meeting 

(4) Special business if any brought forward after written notice as before mentioned. 


xiii Minutes of the proceedings at every General Meeting shall be entered and kept in the Minute Book and the said book when signed shall be conclusive evidence that the proceedings minuted therin were regular and actually took place as minuted at a meeting duly convened and held and shall be binding on all the members. 

xiv Once at least every twelve months the accounts of the Club shall be examined and their correctness ascertained by a professional auditor and submitted to the Annual General Meeting. 

xv No provision of the constitution shall be altered except by a Special Resolution of members passed at a General or Special Meeting 

xvi There may be a Patron who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club in each year by the general body of the members. 



i The business and affairs of the Club shall be under the management of the Committee elected for twelve months. The Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and seven (7) other members all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year by the general body of the members. Each Committeeman shall be elected and shall hold office for twelve calendar months and the members of the retiring Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall hold periodical meetings and minutes of all resolutions and proceedings shall be entered in a minute book provided for such purpose. 

ii The President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary Honorary Treasurer and Committeemen or such of them as shall be in office at the date of the adoption of these rules shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. 

iii No person shall be eligible as an Officer of the Club who is not an Ordinary Member. Any Officer of the Club ceasing to be a member shall ipso facto vacate his office. 

iv Any member intended to be proposed as a candidate for any office on the Committee shall be proposed and seconded and personally sign such nomination fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

v The election shall be by ballot and shall be conducted in the manner from time to time prescribed by the Committee in the presence of scrutineers (members of the Club) elected for that purpose at each Annual General Meeting. In case no more than the required number of Officers shall be nominated those so nominated shall be declared elected and in case any doubt shall arise as to the election of any candidate to any office in the Club by reason of the same number of votes having been given for such candidate and any other candidates or candidates such doubt shall be determined by ballot. 

vi Any vacancy in the Committee, Treasurer, Secretary or Auditors may be filled by the Committee by the appointment of some duly qualified person. Every person so chosen shall retain his office so long as the vacating member would have done if no vacancy had occurred. 

vii It shall be the duty of the Treasurer with the President and Vice President to form a Finance Committee to examine all accounts to check all receipts to make recommendations to the Committee with regard to payments. 



(a) The President shall direct the Executive in all matters appertaining to the well-being of the Club. He or she shall be the senior executive officer. He or she shall have the right to vote on every motion and shall have in the case of equality of voting, a casting vote which he or she must exercise. 


(b) The Honorary Secretary shall be the principal administrative officer of the Club, subject to the direction of the President and/or the Committee. His or her duties shall be: 


i To keep the books of the Club in good order for inspection. 

ii To record accurately the minutes of the Club. 

iii To conduct the correspondence of the Club under the direction of the President and Committee and to preserve copies of all correspondence. 

iv To keep records of capture. 

v To produce to the President, on request, any books or papers in his or her possession and to give such information as may be required of him or her. 

vi To record receipts of all subscriptions and to pay the sum over to the Treasurer and to keep a receipt thereof. 

vii To make annually for the President and Committee a full report on the Club’s activities. 

viii To keep a proper register of all members. 

ix To keep a proper boat register and generally do such things necessary to maintain the Club’s activities. 

(c) The Honorary Treasurer’s duties shall be: 


i To receive from the Secretary all moneys and subscriptions paid to the Club and to deposit them in such bank or banks as may from time to time be determined by the Committee. 

ii To keep proper books of account and enter herein all moneys received and disbursed. 

iii To certify and submit accounts for payment. 

iv To pay all accounts which have been passed by the Committee and to obtain vouchers and receipts for all moneys paid. 6 


v At each regular Committee meeting to lay on the table for inspection by the President and Committee, bank pay sheets or bank deposit books written up-to-date and a statement of receipts and disbursements with opening and closing balances. 

vi To prepare a balance sheet at the close of each financial year and after audit submit it to the Annual General Meeting of the Club 

vii And generally to do such things necessary for the proper control administration and recording of the Club’s financial transactions and position. 

(d) The Past President shall assist the Executive and Committee in any way possible to the benefit of all Club members 




The Club shall open an account or accounts with such bank or banks as may be determined by the Committee. All accounts shall firstly be submitted to the Committee and when passed for payment shall be paid by Cheque signed by any two of the following:- President, Secretary, Treasurer, or any other authorized member of the Committee. A record of receipts and disbursements shall be kept and audited each year and a properly audited and certified balance sheet shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting each year. The Committee, when surplus funds are available shall invest any money it deems fit in GOVERNMENT LOANS OR BUILDING SOCIETY. 



The election of an Auditor will be made by the Club at their Annual General Meeting in each year. 

Any Auditor shall be eligible for re-election. 

If any casual vacancy occurs in the office of any Auditor appointed by the Club the Committee shall fill the appointment until the next Annual General Meeting. 

Every Auditor shall have a list delivered to him of all books kept by the Club and shall at all reasonable times have access to the books and accounts of the Club. 

The Auditor shall make a report to the members upon the balance sheet and accounts and in every such report he or she shall report whether in his or her opinion the balance sheet is a full and fair balance sheet and properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the Club’s affairs and such report shall be read together with a report of the Committee at the Annual General Meeting. 



The Common Seal of the Club shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary and shall be affixed only pursuant to a resolution of the Committee and the affixation of the Seal shall be counter-signed by any two of the Committee and the Secretary or any substitute for him specially authorized by the Committee. 



(a) The Committee shall have full power to suspend or expel any member of the Club:- 


i Who shall fail in the observance of any rule or regulation of the Club, or any rule or by-law of the Committee or any order or direction of the Committee or special or ordinary general meeting or- 

ii Who shall be convicted of an indictable offense or- 

iii Who shall in the sole and absolute judgment and discretion of the Committee have been guilty either in or out of the Club’s premises of any act practice conduct matter or thing calculated to bring discredit on or in any other manner prejudicially affect the reputation of the Club or calculated any manner to impair or affect the enjoyment of the Club premises by the members thereof or to cause any ill feeling or friction between or among the members. 

Without prejudice however to his or her liability for any money then or therefore due by him or her to the Club or without prejudice to his or her liability to pay when required any part or the whole of fees due. 

(b) The following shall be the mode of procedure:- 


i A charge must in the first place be made either by a member of the Committee or by resolution of Committee stating the nature of the offense of which the member is accused. 

ii The Committee shall then cause a notice to be sent to the member complained against to attend before the Committee to answer the said charge and also to his accuser if any and the Secretary must on application by either party send a notice to any other member to appear and give evidence provided that such application must be made three clear days before the date of the hearing of such charge. Seven clear days’ notice must be given of such hearing. Should either of the parties fail to attend the Committee shall take evidence and decide the case the same as if all parties had been present. 7 


iii If after hearing the evidence the Committee shall be of the opinion that the charge is substantiated they shall inflict such penalty as they may think fit either by admonition, fine, suspension from the privileges of membership for a certain time or by expulsion and shall thereupon cause notice of such penalty to be sent to the member charged at his last address and in case of expulsion the name of such member shall be erased from the list of privileges of a member. 

(c) Any member shall have a right of appeal to a Special General Meeting of the Club as herein provided. 


(d) Should any member make a charge which in the opinion of the Committee shall be of a frivolous nature or unsupported by evidence at such enquiry the Committee shall impose such penalty against him or her as they may think fit but any such decision shall be subject to appeal to a Special General Meeting as herein provided. 


(e) The Committee shall have full power to enquire into any matters they may think fit whether any charge shall have been made before them or not and shall proceed in the same manner as if a charge had been made and shall inflict a similar penalty as to them may seem fit 


(f) Any member of the Club who may be aggrieved by any action of the Committee may appeal to a Special General Meeting. He or she shall give notice to the Committee who shall place the appeal stating the nature therof on the business sheet of the next General Meeting. Should any member require a Special General Meeting called for the purpose he or she must get the necessary numbers of signatures to such requisition and lodge the sum of $70.00 with the Secretary to cover the cost of calling such meeting which shall be forfeited if such a Special General Meeting uphold the decision of the Committee otherwise it shall be returned to him or her. 


Until the hearing of any such appeal the decision of the Committee shall have full effect the same as if no appeal had been made. 



(a) The Club may be wound up voluntarily if it is solvent and it is resolved by a Special Resolution of members that the Club be wound up voluntarily. 


(b) At the same time or by any other subsequent or other special resolution the members may do one or more of the following acts namely:- 


i Appoint a liquidator or liquidators 

ii Appoint a Committee of inspection of any number 

iii Give such remuneration as may be thought desirable to the said liquidator or liquidators and a Committee of inspection or either of them 

iv Confer upon such liquidator or liquidators and Committee such powers authorities rights and privileges as may be thought desirable 

(c) As soon as practicable after the passing of the resolution to liquidate the Club the Liquidator or Liquidators shall prepare an account or balance sheet showing the position of the Club. 


(d) If upon the winding up of the Club there remains after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same must not be paid or distributed among the members or former members. The surplus property must be given or transferred to another association incorporated under the Act which has similar objects and which is not carried on for the purposes of profit or gain to its individual members and which association shall be determined by a resolution of members. 



1. FEES 


(a) Effective 1st January 2016, an entrance fee of $200.00 shall be paid by every new ordinary member. No entrance fee required for associate or junior members. 

(b) Annual subscription fees shall be paid by members as herein:- 


i Ordinary Member 16 and over $125.00 

ii Associate Member $50.00 

iii Junior Member (under 16) $50.00 

All fees are inclusive of GST 

(c) Any levy or levies struck shall be applicable to ordinary members in full. 




(d) All levies struck during a financial year shall also be applicable to all new members during that year. 


(e) Application for membership must be accompanied by prescribed fees as set out above. 




A date or day of the month shall be determined for committee meetings and as far as practicable adhered to. 



(a) The official weigh-master shall weigh and check, according to all requirements of the official Club Capture Certificate, all fish submitted by a member. He or she shall then, if satisfied sign a capture certificate. 


(b) In the event of an official weigh-master being unable to attend, a committee member shall act in his or her stead. 


(c) In the event of an official weigh-master or committee member being unable to attend, consideration will be given to a capture weighed by an ordinary member. 




(a) The Committee shall have printed and made available to members at reasonable cost, Capture Certificates 


(b) All Capture Certificates after complying with Clause 3 must be lodged with the Honorary Secretary by the 1st December. 


(c) Any Capture Certificate received by the Honorary Secretary after 1st December will be recognized only in extenuating circumstances to the satisfaction of the Committee. 


(d) The use of chokers is prohibited in the weighing of sharks. Where practicable sharks are to be weighed by the tail. 




(a) All trophies for competition shall be fished for in Northwest Australian Waters 


(b) Fish caught and recorded with any one other club for record and/or trophy purposes shall not be eligible for Club trophies. 


(c) Any single fish capture shall be eligible for only one trophy 




(a) A design approved by the Committee shall be the insignia of the Club, such insignia may be reproduced on the Club’s stationary and certificates and generally where considered suitable. Also it may be reproduced as a metal badge incorporated into members’ wearing apparel and into club burgee. 


(b) Such insignia shall only be obtainable by members on loan from the Club at such fee as the Committee may from time to time prescribe and is returnable on the demand of the Honorary Secretary and/or the cessation of membership. 


(c) If a person ceased to be a member he or she shall surrender to the Club all such insignia. 


(d) The appropriate flags may be flown for suitable captures 




(a) Each member shall from time to time notify the Secretary in writing of any changes in his address. No member shall give the Club as his registered address. 


(b) No member shall take from the Club rooms or injure or destroy any newspaper periodical article or thing the property of the Club and any damage done by a member shall be made good at his expense forthwith 


(c) Damage to any property of the Club shall be paid for by the member causing such damage and the Committee shall determine the amount to be paid. 


(d) The Club shall not be responsible for any article whatsoever brought into the Club by members. 


(e) All complaints should be submitted to the Secretary in writing who will lay them before the Committee. 


(f) Delegates to the WAGFA shall be appointed by the Committee.