About FAQ

What to bring

Bedding – Each guest has a single bed and chest of draws.  Bring a set of single sheets (2) and pillow slip.  Blankets are provided.Sleeping bags are not recommended.

Personal Effects – Bath towel and personal toiletries.

Fishing License – Each angler must obtain a Boat Fishing License from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Esky(lightweight) – Bring an Esky suitable to carry up to 20kgs of fish fillets (apporx 60ltr).

Fishing Gear – The charter boat and club doesn't provide fishing gear.  Each angler is required to bring suitable rods and reel for all types of fishing (Game, Bottom, Lures for Trolling and Beach).

Food - Each group is self catered (organised by the team leader).  Ample cooking and cleaning facility are provided, including BBQ and Weber.

Water - Fresh water is available however must be used sparingly in case our Desalinator breaks down. Drinking water should purchased from the mainland. 

Fridges & Freezers - There are ample fridges and freezing facilities for food, drinks and fish.

Travel Insurance -  The club recommends each member organises there own travel insurance.

Boating (All included in Island costs)

  1. Charter Boat 14m "Si Bon"
  2. Runabout 6m Trailcraft
  3. Dingy